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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Long Look in the Mirror: A Practitioner’s Reflections on Development Reform

Excerpt from my guest post to Harvard's International Development Conference blog. 
At the risk of irrel­e­vancy and/or obso­les­cence, devel­op­ment as we know it must change. 
Shrinking gov­ern­ment bud­gets, aus­ter­ity mea­sures, and lin­ger­ing finan­cial crises around the world mean that fewer resources are avail­able to main­tain roads and gov­ern­ment pro­grams domes­ti­cally, much less con­tribute to poverty alle­vi­a­tion inter­na­tion­ally. With less money to achieve more, we have to make aid smarter and more efficient... 
...The list of reasons why change must adapt to a changing world is long; it is obvious why development must change. 
What is not so clear is how.