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Friday, May 4, 2012

From India: Possibly the Coolest. Man. Ever.

92 years young, Boman Kohinoor tapped the overambitious young server on the shoulder. I got this young man was the unspoken message immediately received.It was pretty apparent that he liked us from the start, especially given the fact that the stories (and accompanying laminated proof documents) began almost immediately. The letter from the Queen's Lady in Waiting. The US Ambassador's lunch - that included bomb sniffing dogs and six machine gun weilding bodyguards - during which the Ambassador insisted on the recipe for Britannia's famous berry pulau dish.

Only if you give me the recipe for Coca Cola! he replied without missing a beat.

The obvious star of what has to be one of Mumbai's most charming (and colonialism-inspired) Parsi restaurants and an unabashed flirt, Mr. Kohinoor is sharp as a tack and must be an icon in the local restaurant community. He's also apparently Hillary Clinton's biggest fan:
Possibly @HRClinton's biggest fan is in Mumbai!
Not that it mattered all that much given the entertainment provided by the most endearing waiter (for the record he is the owner) I've ever seen, but the food (topped off by the "world famous" creme caramel) was delicious!

Ever the ladies man, Mr. Kohinoor brought over a super cheesy (and of course laminated) postcard of William and Kate towards the end of the meal.

There's one pretty English Kate here, he smirked with a not-so-subtle twinkle in his eye, barely visible through thick bifocals low on his nose. But these two American Kates (i.e. Lauren and Alex) are prettier!

Oh, he added, glancing at me. And you look more like Harry anyways.