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Monday, November 16, 2009

En Kötü Günümüz Böyle Olsun

May our worst days be like this one. This is a saying in Turkish that my dad likes to use while giving a toast at an exceptionally fine dinner with family to wish that our days to come will be as good if not better than the wonderful day at hand.

This was said more than once by Lauren (in Turkish) and me while laying on the beach in Zanzibar, having a drink while watching an elephant saunter by, and strolling through the diverse streets of Mombasa – among other times – and came to be the theme of our recent trip to the Middle East and Africa. I’ve taken the time to detail some of our adventures which are broken up into the following posts:

November 2 – Dubai
November 3 – Nairobi
November 4 – Nairobi
Safari Animals
November 4 – Amboseli
November 5 – Tsavo West
November 6 – Tsavo East
November 7 – Mombasa
November 8 – Stone Town
November 9-12 – Paradise
November 13 – Nairobi
November 14-15 – Dubai

As you can already tell, much has been written – certainly not all of which will be interesting to you – and even more photos have been taken. What started out as a mere documentary process for me morphed into the novel that follows, so I will not be offended in the least if you skip small or large portions, leave nasty comments about how unnecessarily wordy I can be, or simply wait for Lauren and/or me to give you the highlights in person.

After sorting through the 1000+ taken, some pictures have been posted that correspond to the posts below. These can be found at