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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ode Mut F*ck Mc Turk

A poem from my good friend Stephen:

Today is the day a turkey was birthed.
This is the day no one wanted ham,
roast beef didn't dare
and for salami no one gave a damn.

For a long time ago
In a far away land
a fur ball was born
that turned out to be a man.

This was more than your ordinary turkey.
He knew early on that he could not be sliced.
The world was calling to him.
On him, there would be no price.

He came to this country,
soccer ball in hand,
befriending everywhere he went,
traversing all the land.

He was quite the successful turkey.
In his studies he could not be beat.
He charmed the ladies with his turkish rug,
and he even liked to to cook to meat.

This turkey has such a future,
the stars definitely burn bright.
He will change this world somehow,
We know his life will bring light.

So on this day of jubilation
we think of you my turkey friend
I wish you the best on this day
and know that my love for you will not end.

Happy Birthday.

PS: I forwarded this message to the Department of Homeland Security. It is being scanned for viruses as we speak.