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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Generation "XYZ..."

It is pretty safe to say I'm unhappy with my job. There are a number of reasons why, but the main reason is that I don't feel like I'm doing "the right thing." It's a difficult phenomena to explain, but I know that rather than a Kalashnikov and Kevlar, I much prefer medicine and a micro-loan. Just a different way to look at the world I suppose.

What is bothering me about my unhappiness, and subsequent job search, is based on a conversation I had yesterday with a friend essentially about "kids these days."Are we, generation next-ers, selfish by nature? Do we not only want, but demand a better lot in life? A generation "long-time-ago-er" once told me that back in the proverbial "day," people were faithful to an organization for years, even after losing interest, starting to hate their job, etc. Life was about more than just personal, i.e. selfish, fulfillment at work. Unfortunately, that just won't work for me.

Let me try to put it into perspective:

We all have dreams. We all have hopes. We all have aspirations. I want to make a difference in this world; and I want to do it on a grand scale. Right now I help feed the homeless twice a month, something that is undoubtedly kind yet brings me a personal satisfaction that could even be described as selfish. Small acts of kindness should be a part of our everyday lives, though I don’t know too many people, myself included, who go far beyond good intentions most of the time. It is that extra step that ultimately makes a difference; that moment where you step out of the “box...” when you go beyond the call of duty. Personally, I hope to never be in that box (picture-walls slowly closing around you); instead I hope to live outside of it, never giving in to the temptation of mediocrity. One day we will help solve hunger, economically develop the poorest areas of our world, and find an adequate solution to global warming all in a days work. I'm a realist, so I know it will never happen like that, but I'm also an optimist, so maybe it could... Our world will never be perfect; it was not intended to be so. Nevertheless, I can’t help but to hope for a better future for my children, to aspire to make lasting change, and to dream ambitiously.

So maybe I'm selfish. Sue me.